Electronic & Spray Rustproofing

Rust is a natural process which is normally hard to prevent or spread. It happens due to a chemical process called oxidation. Rust is nothing but iron oxide which happens whenever water and oxygen reacts on the surface of your car.

Due to the process of oxidation, metal gets corroded, and this corrosion produces iron oxide. Corrossion on metal or rust is a major problem for car owners living in colder climes. In order to provide more traction during the colder months, roads are strewn with road salt. Road salt unfortunately only acts as a catalyst to the process of rusting.

This acceleration happens because road salt increases the volume of electrolytes in water. When such a fluid reacts with oxygen, the process or corrosion is accelerated. This is of considerable worry to car owners who have to wash road salt off their vehicles at the end of the day.

We offer you both electronic rustproofing and spray rustproofing. Our services are available at easily affordable rates for your benefit.


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