Log Book Servicing

Log book service is a set of predetermioned series of testing dictated by the manufacturing company of a particular vehicle. When you buy a car or any vehicle, you also receive a log book in which there are clear instructions from the manufacturer regarding steps to be taken to keep the vehicle in a good condition.

Doing so has many benefits. For instance, it preserves the statuatory warranty of the car while keeping it in the best possible shape. Log books contain all the necessary information and instructions from the car manufacturing company regarding your car’s basic requirements thorugh the first 200,000 kilometers.

This document therefore acts as a guide to any mechanic on what to do to improve the car’s performance, including which parts to check regularly. Remember, it is not only the job of a mechanic to be familiar with the log book, but of the car owner as well.

Choose the GLC difference. Our mechanics are not only highly experienced but periodically go through stringent training to update their skills, Thus they are well versed in the latest techniques, us of the latest tools and technologies. When you come to GLC Mechanical and Rustproofing, we offer you the best service in the locality. Our experience and dedication results in the high quality of work which you can enjoy.


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